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Learning Theory - Improve Your Memory

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MEMORY can be thought of in three stages or sections - Sensory MEMORY where things are continuously entering from our senses - Working MEMORY where we are working on trying to encode things or recall things and – Long Term MEMORY where things are stored for use later. Things are encoded from Working MEMORY into Long Term MEMORY and recalled by decoding access to them. While this simplistic model may not match detailed psychological explanations of how the mind works, it is not at odds with most thinking today about MEMORY. It is adequate for the rest of our discussion. MemoryLifter™ is provided to the user "as-is", and is freeware. LearnLift shall in no case be held liable for any damage or data loss, resulting from the use or misuse of MemoryLifter. The program shall not be decompiled, disassembled or reverse-engineered in any way. Plis download here.
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