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Lomba Desain Piring

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Challenge Brief Create a graphic design for a Tribute 21 Plate that communicates a wish, inspiration or message for children and future generations about happiness that's in harmony with our surroundings. Happiness the comes from interacting with people, nature, society, present and future. We have the power and responsibility to create happiness not only for ourselves but for others and your environment. The Tribute 21 Plate Challenge invites you to express what the concept of "happiness in harmony with our surroundings" means to you. Tribute 21 Plates are a charity plate collection produced by Japanese design and merchandising company Felissimo. Every year, Felissimo produces original plates that have been designed by artists and distinguished people from different fields. Each plate carries a symbol of hope for the children of the world. This year the organizers have decided to create an open call for submissions to members of the DESIGN 21 community. The design must fit within the plate diameter of 21cm. Your design can bleed to the edges of the plate. Your entry must include: The design A brief description of your design The name of an NPO or NGO or cause that you support (if any) selanjutnya lihat disini selamat mencoba!
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