DKV UNPAS Bandung: Kompetensi Desainer Grafis

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Kompetensi Desainer Grafis

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Ini adalah daftar kompetensi seorang desainer grafis, versi sebuah community learning... Di antaranya adalah... Graphic Design Competencies 1. Identify basic principles of design (unity, contrast, proportion, etc. 2. Identify basic color theory. 3.. Identify associations, properties, and perceptions of color. 4. Prepare a series of differing thumbnail sketches for a printed piece. 5. Prepare completed roughs from thumbnail. 6. Prepare a comprehensive, following a complete rough, in pencil. 7.Prepare a comprehensive using pens and markers. 8. Prepare a comprehensive using graphic arts materials, photocopies, and rubdowns. 9. Indicate a halftone on a comprehensive by drawing it. 10. Indicate display and text type on a comprehensive. .... Kunjungi aja webnya disini.
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